Michael, 41 years old

I met Edu at a very challenging time in my life. Over a number of months she provided a safe environment for me to talk about what I was experiencing and helped me work through how that was affecting me as well as helping me to explore why I was responding in certain ways. Through our conversations I was able to better understand myself and learn to approach situations differently so that I could be more true to myself, my needs and my boundaries.
Edu was always kind and understanding while we talked and was willing to challenge my thoughts, views or behaviours in a positive and productive way when it was appropriate – I was also able to discuss and challenge what was said between us if I held a different viewpoint. She was also able to use her knowledge and experience to help me, and that’s something for which I am incredibly grateful.


Kathy, 34 years old

I had not had therapy before I met Edu, so I was nervous to start, and didn't know what the process would be like. I can honestly say the experience has been life changing. I have discovered a new self-awareness as to why I act in certain ways and repeatedly make the same (bad) choices. With this new outlook I can now make informed decisions and finally break the cycle... change is happening and I am in control.

During our sessions, I felt secure enough to talk about my feelings and worries, without judgement. I felt kindness and empathy. It can be tough at times, but Edu always made me feel safe enough to explore the more difficult parts of my life. I cannot thank her enough.

Annya, 22 years old

Working with Edu was a really positive experience for me. I was linked up with Edu as she had some great insights on neurodivergence and specifically ADHD. Having very recently found out about ADHD it was a real lifeline to talk to her about the things that I struggled with socially and to better understand ways to cope and manage. It was a pleasure to chat with her, really kind, friendly and thoughtful in the way she guides the sessions. Thank you!