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Is your wellbeing and mental health affected by 
present or past events? You may be struggling with depression, anxiety, relationships, past trauma and other concerns.

Do not face it alone. 
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When you feel that you are unable to maintain your relationships, keep making the wrong decisions, you are stuck on a negative vicious cycle in life and life itself is no longer enjoyable, I can help you find a new path.

Edu Hardy


I am a Psychotherapist trained in crisis intervention, couple and individual counselling. My experience tells me that clients want focus and solutions to their problems when they come to therapy.

My goal is your personal growth; you gaining a new understanding of your value, your personal resources and potential

My approach is solution focused based on problem management. My clients also want to be understood in their own context and not be judged. My relational and systemic approaches help me make that real connection with you. 



Talk freely about your problems without the fear of being judged and focus on uncovering your potential and learning new skills.

£50 per session

Registered with UK Council for Psychotherapy


 Gain new ways of understanding your relationship dynamics and communication skills and the changes that you need to make to have a succesful relationship. 

Experience working with neurodiversed relationships (ASD, ADHD)

£60 per session

Relate Registered

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