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Counselling (English and Spanish)
Is your wellbeing and mental health affected by 
present or past events? You may be struggling with depression, anxiety, relationships, past trauma and
other concerns.
Do not face it alone. 

Contact me today:


ISPC Acc. Edu Hardy 


I am a bilingual English and Spanish Psychotherapist trained in crisis intervention, couple and individual counselling. I have many years of experience working for Relate and in Private Practice. 


I would like to introduce my work through the voices of some of my clients, with their permission, as it is their view of their therapy that is important:


"I am really happy Edu, genuinely and I think the hard times were worth it if we can be happy like this moving forwards. I’m taking each day/week as it comes. I know myself again and who I am which is great! I will always be grateful to you for supporting me in one of the lowest times of my life."

"Through our conversations I was able to better understand myself and learn to approach situations differently so that I could be more true to myself, my needs and my boundaries."

"I had not had therapy before I met Edu, so I was nervous to start, and didn't know what the process would be like. I can honestly say the experience has been life changing."

"Having very recently found out about ADHD it was a real lifeline to talk to her about the things that I struggled with socially and to better understand ways to cope and manage."

I would only add that it has been a priviledge to accompany these and all my clients in their journey of recovery.



I offer a safe and confidential space where you can feel supported and guided through your problems, regardless of your class, age, race, sexual orientation or beliefs.



 Gain new ways of understanding your relationship dynamics and communication skills and the changes that you need to make to have a succesful relationship. 

Experience working with neurodiversed relationships (ASD, ADHD)

£70 per session

Articles about Psychology Coming Soon...
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